Natural Resources

Overall Objective
To have a fully organized, functional and operationally coordinated team to guide and advise the district on sustainable utilization of the natural resource base, specifically on land use, forestry, environment and wetlands for socioeconomic development and environmental stability

Specific Objectives

  • To guide adherence to laws  and develop ordinances governing the natural resource sectors
  • To coordinate with other departments harnessing the natural resource base
  • To ensure compliance by private sector developers
  • To administer the natural resource office
  • To compile data and information in the Environment and Natural Resource  department


  • Liaise with other departments harnessing the resources or interfacing with the natural resource base
  • Mobilize for funding through proposals writing and Lobbying in Line Ministries
  • Sensitize LLGs to support sustainable Natural resource management interventions
  • Use of Mass Media for public educational and awareness programmes
  • Integrating environmental issues in all HLG and LLG programmes

Key Activities

  • Land Management & Surveys
  • Physical Planning
  • Environment
  • Forests & Wetlands