Mission: To provide quality services for quality education and development

Overall Objective
The Education & Sports Department aims at providing quality services in order to improve the quality of primary and secondary education in line with education policies, education strategic investment plan and the District Development Plan
Specific Objectives

  • To reduce the pupil to teacher ratio from 1:47 to 1:40
  • To reduce desk to pupil ratio from 1:5 to 1:3
  • To reduce pupil to latrine stance ratio from 35:1 to 15:1
  • To reduce pupil to text book ratio from 4:1 to 2:1
  • To extend school inspection to all schools (i.e. government aided, private, primary and secondary)
  • To develop and support school co-curricular activities
  • To mobilize the communities and all the school stakeholders to participate in school programme
  • To provide accommodation for teachers so as to attract and retain them to serve in hard to stay areas. This will ease the work of teacher deployment in the rural schools in order to improve the academic standards of these schools
  • To provide latrines in order to improve the sanitation and hygiene standards in the rural schools
  • To intensify school inspection in the District using School Inspectors, Associate Assessors and the foundation body inspection teams
  • To continue mobilizing and sensitizing the School Management Committees and the Boards of Governors of the secondary schools to support education activities in their areas
  • To intensify schools’ participation in both curricular and co-curricular activities


  • Carry out needs assessment of classrooms, furniture, toilets, text books through school census, inspection and supervision of schools
  • Identify needs of teachers through inspection of teaching and  learning activities and annual appraisal forms
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programmes using standard instruments and quality indicators
  • Recruit more teachers especially for rural schools
  • Solicit for more funding to the Department from the Central Government, Local Government and Private Partners in Development
  • Ensuring joint team inspection and disseminating the findings to the stakeholders
  • Enhance parental involvement through community dialogue
  • Enhance gender, HIV/AIDS, disability interventions and environmental issues
  • Promote safety practices in schools
  • Encourage school committees and parents to participate in operation & maintenance of the school structures and property
  • Promote interventions to reduce teacher absenteeism
  • Develop an ordinance to promote school enrolment and retention
  • Promote Education For All (EFA) through inclusive education by strengthening SNE sub-sector
  • Lobbying for extra funding from the central government and civil society organization (funding partners)
  • Continued inspection and supervision of school activities
  • Organizing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) seminars for teachers and head teachers for continued improvement of performance
  • Good utilization of all resources received from the central and local governments
  • Mobilizing and sensitizing School Committees towards support for education activities in their localities

Sector Vision
Developing a literate and democratic societ that is able to sustain itself and support other sectors in development
Sector Mission
To Improve quality service for quality education and development in Mukono District


Key Activities

  • Education Administration
  • Education Inspection
  • Special Education & Nursery Education
  • Public Libraries & Resource Centers